Orthodox theology differs quite a bit from what most Western Christians are used to. In Orthodoxy, we hold to the teachings of the early Church and the Church Fathers. The articles on this page explain those teachings, from our rejection of Sola Scriptura to our understanding of salvation, grace, and hell. Not sure where to start? Check out our main article on the teachings of the Church.

Must read articles about Orthodox Doctrine

7 Differences Between Orthodoxy and Catholicism

Most Americans don’t know the Orthodox Church exists, let alone what it believes. Unfortunately, the same could be said of many cradle-Orthodox. They don’t really know what their Faith believes, or how it differs from everything else out there. Today, we examine seven key differences between Orthodoxy and her Western sister, Roman Catholicism.

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What Happens After We Die?

At one point or another, whether we want to admit it or not, we’ve all wondered what happens after we die. What does the Orthodox Church teach us about life after death? How does this teaching differ from the rest of Christianity? And how can we adequately prepare ourselves for eternity?

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Sola Scriptura

How to Refute Sola Scriptura

Many of our Protestant brothers and sisters cling tightly to a doctrine they refer to as Sola Scriptura, or Scripture Alone. In this post, we talk about the historical context for this doctrine. Then, we explain its flaws and how to address those when conversing with Protestants.

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Recent Orthodox Doctrine articles

Remarriage after Divorce

We see many misconceptions about the Orthodox Church’s teachings about divorce and remarriage. In this post, we clear up those misunderstandings.

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Receiving Blessed Bread

If you ever visited an Orthodox church and witnessed the Mystery of Holy Communion, you probably noticed a basket filled with bread. Parishioners may have

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How to Greet an Orthodox Priest or Bishop Properly

In the Orthodox Church, we hold incredible respect for the clergy. Therefore, when we greet them, we don’t just shake their hand and say, “Hey, nice to meet ya!” In this post, we explain the proper greeting we should use when meeting an Orthodox priest or bishop.

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