Orthodox theology differs quite a bit from what most Western Christians are used to. In Orthodoxy, we hold to the teachings of the early Church and the Church Fathers. The articles on this page explain those teachings, from our rejection of Sola Scriptura to our understanding of salvation, grace, and hell. Not sure where to start? Check out our main article on the teachings of the Church.

Must read articles about Orthodox Doctrine

Recent Orthodox Doctrine articles

What is the Apocrypha?

What does the word apocrypha mean to Orthodox Christians? And what books does the Orthodox Church truly consider Apocrypha and why?

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The Truth About Heaven And Hell

Are Heaven and Hell truly physical places? Or is there a deeper spiritual dimension to the concept of salvation and damnation that Western Christianity ignores?

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Prayer And Candle Requests

***If you would like to offer prayers for living and departed, please submit two separate requests: one for the living and one for the departed.