The Real Reason the Orthodox Celebrate Pascha Differently From Everyone Else

Basket of Orthodox Easter eggs

Have you ever wondered why Orthodox Christians don’t always celebrate Pascha on the same day as everyone else? There are many urban legends within Orthodoxy as to why this is. In this post, we explain the real reason we celebrate Pascha later than the rest of Christianity. Buckle up – this gets interesting!

Why Orthodox Churches Face East

Sun rising in the east over the water

In this post, we explain why Orthodox Christians pray facing East whenever possible, and where we get this tradition from.

Requirements for Orthodox Weddings

Orthodox wedding crowns

So what is actually required if you want to be married in the Orthodox Church, and what is just cultural tradition? Let’s take a look at the guidelines and requirements the Church has in place.

Call No Man Father: the Proper Context

Many Protestants rebuke Catholics and Orthodox for calling priests Father. But this practice is biblical, and supported by centuries of Holy Tradition.

Why the Orthodox “Pray to” Saints

Icons of Saints in an Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Church ascribes the title of “Saint” to anyone who has lived and died in Christ throughout history. But why do we “pray to” them?