Do Orthodox Christians worship Mary?

An icon of the Virgin Mary, or Theotokos.

The Virgin Mary plays an important role in our salvation. We sing and pray to her during services. But do the Orthodox really “worship” the Virgin Mary?

Do Christians Worship The Same God As Jews And Muslims?

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam banners

Many Muslims and Jews (and even some Christians) claim that all three monotheistic Abrahamic faiths worship the same God. But do Christians really worship the same God as the Jews, or the same God as the Muslims? Simply put, no, we do not. But why? Who is God? While Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are monotheistic […]

Is God Faithful To Israel?

Did God keep His promises to Israel, or did He unjustly abandon His chosen people in favor of idol-worshipping Gentiles?

Call No Man Father: The Proper Context

Many Protestants rebuke Catholics and Orthodox for calling priests Father. But this practice is biblical, and supported by centuries of Holy Tradition.

Prayer And Candle Requests

***If you would like to offer prayers for living and departed, please submit two separate requests: one for the living and one for the departed.