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So many people come to us asking us where they can find an icon of a certain Saint or feast day because they have no idea where to look. There are so many supposed “Orthodox” icon shops online that it’s hard to know which ones you should trust or buy from. That’s why we created this resource of our top 10 online Orthodox icon shops to help you in your search for your next icon!

Note: These are in no particular order. Different shops offer different styles of icons, as well as different saints.

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1. Uncut Mountain Supply

Firstly, Uncut Mountain Supply has an extensive inventory of icons to choose from, with many different sizes and types. From the Theotokos and Christ to feast days and patron saints, you can browse their collection of over 1,000 icons.

Icon of all the patron saints in an Orthodox family
A custom family icon from Uncut Mountain Supply

One thing we absolutely love about Uncut Mountain Supply is their option to commission a custom family icon (see above). You can choose any icon of Christ or the Theotokos from their online catalog to sit in the center or top. Then, you select the patron saints of each family member from the catalog. If the icon you are looking for isn’t in their catalog, you can even request a custom icon!

2. Legacy Icons

Founded by Orthodox Christians in the Antiochian Archdiocese, Legacy Icons offers beautiful Orthodox icon reproductions. They also have over 50 varieties of incense, as well as crosses, candles, prayer ropes, and spiritual books.

Legacy Icons holds the rights to each icon they reproduce by either commissioning it exclusively for them, or by performing a balanced restoration of ancient icons under public domain to preserve their beauty for generations to come. 

3. Nick Papas (St. Demetrius Press)

Liturgical artist Nicholas Papas is a communicant at Saint Joseph Antiochian Orthodox Church, Houston, TX. While studying painting at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, he simultaneously began to learn iconography from his priest, the late Reverend John Osacky (+ Job, Archbishop of the Midwest, O.C.A.). As a full-time iconographer, Nicholas has been blessed with opportunities to paint for over 50 churches and over 120 homes throughout the United States over forty-one years.

4. Anna Poloz Icons


This Illinois-based Etsy shop is run by iconographer Anna Poloz, who provides hand-painted and printed Orthodox icons made in both traditional and contemporary styles. Sitting side by side in her online shop, one will find icons emulating the ethos of ancient Greek and Russian icons as well as those influenced by the modern renaissance of iconography that is now flourishing in Lviv, Ukraine.

All of the hand-painted icons at Anna Poloz Icons are animal-free, since they are made solely from acrylic-based media, wood, metal leaf, and canvas. The shop also accepts any custom icon requests and provides free shipping in the US!

5. Monastiriaka

Monastiriaka is the online icon shop for Mount Athos, whose monks produce many products for Orthodox Christians around the world. Since the monks’ greatest concern is their spiritual duties in prayer and worship, they only produce products when they have spare time. When ordering from them, then, please remember that items will be in limited quantities according to the season. In addition to their beautiful Orthodox icons, they also sell:

  • Holistic/natural health products, like tinctures, herbs, and oils
  • Wines, honeys, olive oil, and other natural foods
  • Beeswax candles
  • Crosses and prayer ropes
  • Holy bread Prosphora seals
  • Liturgical, prayer, and chanting books

6. Holy Trinity Icon Studio

This online icon shop deals exclusively in Orthodox icons and produce high-quality print icons painted by the Fathers of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY. Their shop currently has close to 1000 images on file and continues to grow every day!

Orthodox icon of the Archangel Michael from Holy Trinity Icon Studio's online shop.
Icon of the Archangel Michael from Holy Trinity Icon Studio

They recently obtained a new large printer that they can use to make canvas prints for the iconostasis in Orthodox churches. They also add custom gold leafing to icons upon request.

7. Art By Chimevi

A husband and wife from Bulgaria run this online Orthodox icon shop. Every icon in their shop is hand-painted. Moreover, they accept custom orders if there is a saint or feast day you would like that they do not have in their product listings.

Beautiful hand-painted icon from Georgi Chimevi in Bulgaria

Keep in mind that these icons ship from Bulgaria, so it may take a bit longer to receive them than from online icon shops in the United States!

Damascene Gallery carries what we call premium icons, as well as printed frescoes and full iconostasis icons. In the premium icon, the face is recessed and thus the main part of the icon is on a different plain than the frame. Not many other Orthodox icon shops offer this option! Learn more about premium icons from Father Jonah Campbell:

9. Blessed Mart

Blessed Mart is another Orthodox icon studio/shop based in Bulgaria. They sell icons of various male and female saints, feast days, Christ, and the Theotokos. They offer many styles of iconography (all canonical, of course!) and all of their icons are hand-painted. Particularly beautiful are their hand-painted wall crosses.

10. Panagiotis Nioras Greek Orthodox Workshop

Nioras is our final online Orthodox icon shop that made the top ten list. This shop is located in Greece, so take care when estimating how long your package may take to reach you. Nioras offers many unique kinds of icons you will probably not find at the other stores we’ve listed, including:

  • Hand-carved icons
  • Silver and aluminum plated icons with gold overlay
  • Beeswax and incense icons
  • Handmade enamel icons

Nioras also has many different frescoes available, for churches looking to add iconography to their walls.

A Word of Caution

Before we close this post, please avoid Monastery Icons ( Father Anthony Nelson of the Antiochian Archdiocese wrote about his experience with this company. If you happen to have purchased a picture or any other product from this company, many Orthodox priests urge you to burn them in the proper manner.

Go forth and shop

Now you are all set to begin your search for your next icon! Is there a favorite icon shop you have purchased from that we didn’t include in our list? Share in the comments below!

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16 Responses

  1. Whilst this list contains many deserving iconographers, we have experienced first hand the exceptional quality and work from Chrysa and Christofer (Rethymno, Crete) who own and operate the Religious Work of Art found via Etsy:

    This is our second Icon commissioned to Chrysa and Christofer. First was the Righteous Adam for our first grandson and now St Anthony for our second.

    The quality, the care, the technique and skill of these exceptional Iconographers is outstanding and indeed exceptional. Knowledge of the Byzantine style and techniques is incredible.

    1. Anthony,

      Christ is in our midst! Thank you for sharing these iconographers with us – we took a look at the link you provided, and the icons are indeed beautiful. When we revise this article in the future, we will be sure to add them to the list. God bless!

  2. Thank you for this information! Especially the warning about Monasteryicons .com. do you know if the website is any good, or are they the same?

      1. Great! Thank you. I just wanted to be sure, I have an icon from so I figured it was better to ask. Thanks again!

    1. Andrew,

      BlessedMart is indeed owned by an Orthodox Christian. On the About page of their site, they do state they “collaborate with some of the most talented and recognized iconographers in Bulgaria and members of the Bulgarian Iconographic Association, as well as with professional hagiographers from Greece and Romania.” Perhaps it is one of these iconographers who created the icon you mention. Could you provide us with the name of the product on the site, so we can take a closer look at the particular icon? Blessings be upon you!

  3. Hello to everyone! I see many great icon shops listed here! I am Alex from Agiografia Icons at AGIOGRAFIA.NET, a Premium Icons Studio located at Greece.

    We offer you everything you need to start your own personal icon collection or make a truly special gift. From Museum Quality Icons to Traditional Silk Screen ones, you can find the perfect Christian religious gift for any occasion!

  4. Thank you for putting out this resource for purchasing icons. I recently came across this seller which seems to be a little out of the way an their site doesn’t seem to be fully updated, although some of their work looks really nice and is listed as tempura-on-wood. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with them or could tell me whether this is a legitimate source to deal with. Thanks in advance for any feedback on this shop. The name is “Liturgix” and they seem to be in Bulgaria. I’ve found two hosted sites under their name. The .org site appears to be the current one(?)

    1. Jim,

      Thank you for your comment! We are glad you found this resource useful. We are not personally familiar with them; however, they do seem geared toward a more Coptic Orthodox audience with their iconography. If you have any reservations about purchasing one of their icons, we would recommend speaking with your priest. If he is not familiar with them, perhaps see if your priest could ask other priests that he knows, or even your bishop. God bless!

  5. Thank you for your list of places for icons! Wondering if any actually bless the icons purchased? I did get a response from the monetary in South Carolina and was told theirs were but wasn’t sure if they were legitimate but since on your top 10 I guess they are?

  6. On my previous comment I thought Orthodox Monastery Icons were in your top 10 but are actually commented about in another person’s comment.
    Also wondering about legitimacy of Holy Transfiguration Monastery?

    1. Mark,

      Christ is in our midst! Most Eastern Orthodox monasteries sell canonically appropriate icons, yes. That one in South Carolina, from another reader’s comment, is “legitimate”. The one site we warn against in our post is not, in fact, a monastery, despite its name. Which, unfortunately, has led many astray into purchasing from them, under the guise that they must be legitimate if they have “monastery” in their name. God bless!

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