How To Use A Prayer Rope

Orthodox prayer rope

Unfortunately, many Orthodox Christians wear the prayer rope without truly understanding its origins and its purpose.

How to Set Up a Prayer Corner

A solid prayer routine is a key part of the Orthodox spiritual life. In this post, we show you how to set up an icon corner in your home, step by step.

The Power of the Jesus Prayer

A woman praying the Jesus Prayer

While every prayer has the power to transform the heart, mind, and soul, one holds a special place in Orthodox Tradition: the Jesus Prayer.

How To Pray The Psalter At Home

Orthodox Psalter

In this post, we explain how to use your Psalter at home and how to benefit spiritually from making this a regular part of your prayer life.

Turning Prayer Into Action

It’s easy to just say a prayer to God and let Him take care of the rest. But prayer doesn’t stop with our thoughts and words.

Prayer And Candle Requests

***If you would like to offer prayers for living and departed, please submit two separate requests: one for the living and one for the departed.