How To Pray The Psalter At Home

Orthodox Psalter

In this post, we explain how to use your Psalter at home and how to benefit spiritually from making this a regular part of your prayer life.

How to Set Up a Prayer Corner

A solid prayer routine is a key part of the Orthodox spiritual life. In this post, we show you how to set up an icon corner in your home, step by step.

How To Use A Prayer Rope

Orthodox prayer rope

Unfortunately, many Orthodox Christians wear the prayer rope without truly understanding its origins and its purpose.

The Power of the Jesus Prayer

A woman praying the Jesus Prayer

While every prayer has the power to transform the heart, mind, and soul, one holds a special place in Orthodox Tradition: the Jesus Prayer.

Turning Prayer Into Action

It’s easy to just say a prayer to God and let Him take care of the rest. But prayer doesn’t stop with our thoughts and words.

Prayer And Candle Requests

***If you would like to offer prayers for living and departed, please submit two separate requests: one for the living and one for the departed.