5 Lessons We Can Learn From Fasting

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Humans have fasted for millennia, many in connection with their spiritual lives – even pagans fasted! However, their understanding of fasting was usually inadequate and vague, because they did not know and/or accept the revelation of the One True God. After all, it was He who instituted fasting in Paradise when He said: “But of […]

Different Levels Of Fasting In The Orthodox Church

Fasting in the Orthodox Church

During the course of a year, Orthodox Christians fast between 180-200 days. Diligently following the fasting guidelines of the Church can be quite an undertaking. Especially if you are new to the Faith. Many people are not aware that the Orthodox Church institutes several levels, or degrees, of fasting, depending on one’s spiritual progress on […]

5 Health Benefits of Fasting

Fasting helps us deepen our communion with God and draw close to Him. We get to enjoy numerous health benefits from it, too!

Fasting in the Orthodox Church

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In this post, we explain fasting in the Orthodox Church, telling you how, when, and why we take part in this spiritual discipline.